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Monday, January 16, 2017
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    We have completed a time of casting visions and are now claiming that vision and living into God Dreams at Sunset United Methodist Church. Whether you have been a part of this great church family for decades or this is your first time to glance at our community of faith, I invite you lean on the Holy Spirit with us as God does a new thing. As we offer our authentic selves to God and to one another, surely we will all be changed for the better.

 Pastor Keith A. Swatzel II
Claim the Vision with us this Sunday!

 9:15 am Sunday School for children, youth, and adults

10:30 am Worship

The 2016 vision team has completed its work and has set the vision for Sunset UMC.

In the next five year, Sunset UMC will connect with new people in order to grow the church and mentor new Christian leaders.

Now is is sour turn to claim that vision by participating in the ministry team and the goals that will take us step-by-step to our vision.

Add new and engaging elements to worship.

Intentionally welcome everyone and help them connect

Foster small group and spiritual development beyond Sunday morning.

Offer opportunities for inter-generational activity/games.


Lunch & Bible Study

 Lunch & Bible Study has resumed. Every Thursday, our members and friends are invited to join us at 11:30 am for a delicious lunch and a Bible Study led by Pastor Keith.  Feed your soul and your body. 



God Dreams Around Us
When the Vision Team was asked to gather, they considered the book "God Dreams" by Will Mancini. The author emphasized the dual nature of that title.

It is a verb - an action. Although it may be hard for us to understand, God does dream. God dreams of disciples who are following the example of Jesus Christ in their communities. God dreams of what Sunset UMC might do if our congregation took our responsibilities as Christians to heart. God dreams about us.

It is a noun - a specific item that exists. What we considered were not easy dreams but God dreams. God Dreams that we felt compelled to explore until we were able to define them and put into words the steps needed to make them happen.
Join us Sunday, January 15 as we share the results of our dreaming with God.





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Vision Presentation

January 15         Acts 1:6-11                        

God Dreams around Us


Joyful Worship

January 22         Genesis 28:10-17               

Stone Dreams


 Hospitality & Connection

January 29         Ezekiel 37:15-17, 21-22      

Stick Together


Gather & Grow

February 5         1 Peter 2:1-5                     

Stone Living


Fun & Fellowship

February 12        Numbers 15:32-36            

Pick up Sticks











W.H.A.M. is our on-going liturgical dance group. Participation is open to everyone and commitment is for one event at a time.

We will rehearse January 21 at 1:30 pm and will share during worship on January 22.  All are welcome to be part of this unique expression of worship.

Let Jennifer Rea know if you will be joining us for W.H.A.M.